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Due to long-lasting unfavorable market development for independent prepress studios we have successfully transformed our core business in the last couple of years. We have walked the painful path and evolved from classical prepress studio for mayor local commercial packaging press factories to prepress and print process automatization and customization specialists. More than twenty years of hands-on experience in the field enables us to fully understand the printing business and help you efficiently utilize the software solutions you already use and upgrade them with state of the art automatization to ensure breakthrough improvement. We can empower you with smoother and to the point process in this no-space-for-error market by customizing your core workflow operations using the latest programming tools available.

Recent Works

managing application for Kodak workflow processing and monitoring

Kodak RBA automation with Custom Module development (Custom RBA Actions) and custom coding

Workflow engine and ERP/MIS solution both way integration

Custom build .net Assemblies for RBA advanced functionality

Kodak INSITE PRESS PORTAL as Task Dashboard and verification portal for a extensive job of many pages

CIP file processing and manipulation

Kodak INSITE PRESS PORTAL customization - job info sheets

content QC - compare to golden template

auto page - content from external source (database, XML)

To err is human… Utilize error-free software automatization instead!



Kodak Prinergy Workflow & RBA


RBA Custom Module development


ERP/MIS integration


.Net (C#, VB) coding


MS Sql coding


Oracle coding







Time is money! Smart automation design can save you plenty of it…


Our approach is project based.

First we discuss your ambitions and identify the issues. After that we need to verify the “as-is situation” by examining the existing workflow processing and put down a draft sketch of the workflow model in place.


With this simple workflow mapping we are empowered to easier discuss the steps of the process that can be improved, changed, added, skipped and of course automatized.

Thus the ground has been set for action: by examining the existing workflow design we can identify the blind spots and weaknesses it might reveal and define your process improvement strategy. Upon agreeing on the ways to achieve your goals we are all set to provide you the relevant solution to achieve that competitive advantage.

We can severely reduce your costs of production and help you maximize your revenue by optimizing your prepress and print operations using advanced programming tools.


We have an unparalleled set of skills, acquired in projects of customizing workflow engine solutions for solving numerous complex challenges of the industry.
Can my KODAK workflow run automatically, free of error, downtime and delays? Think RBA!


Workflow reengineering in progress…!

We have no doubt the overall return on investment for your company will be jaw-dropping. Setting up the best-value future-state solution agreed upon in the consulting part of the process, ensuring that you will get the best combination of optimized costs, fast implementation cycle, no risk of disruption and great results.

This is a focused hands-on redesign approach where we actually produce some tangible results: the surgical programming changes of your preset workflow and add all the necessary tools and steps to fully optimize and/or integrate the production process.


Ideally the changes appearing in the workflow process shouldn’t be implemented in a radical fashion but embedded in an evolutionary process of continuing development.
Put your mind at ease, your prepress process is finally running smoothly.


The only constant in business processes is change.

So it is wise to have a strategy in place to successfully and timely manage those changes before they grow into issues. Changes derive from the process itself as well as from the environment. Change management itself is not a finite project but rather an ongoing one. Every workflow needs constant and reliable monitoring and change management, either it is done manual, semi- automatized or fully automatized.

We are constantly following the trends and development in the field and we are happy to become a trustworthy partner to get this job done right for you. The know-how and customized solutions we are able to apply on your production process will result in a mayor cost decrease and a significant boost to your quality management will not be left out.

Put your mind at ease, your prepress process is finally running smoothly.

Customer Benefits

Implementing automatized procedures in your daily prepress routines can have a profound influence on the way you organize your operations and will also affect the staff needed to execute the workload. Setting up automatization of work procedures the right way can significantly reduce the costs of labor and speed up your workflow and job execution, not to forget severely reducing the chances of delayed or faulty jobs by eliminating the human-error factor.

No fix – no fee!

Will they put their money where the mouth is, you ask yourself?

Will they deliver on the promise?

In business relationships (like in all other) we need to establish trust to enjoy the fruits of great cooperation. We frequently find ourselves in situations where we need to anticipate whether someone will deliver what has been promised.

The answer to the above question is a no-brainer for our customers. We firmly believe we have the knowledge, the skills and the mindset to make a lot of your workflow automation problems disappear. We are actually so confident in our expertise and solutions that we will only charge our services if you are happy with what we have provided.

This is not some cheap trick or an unusual attempt to attract stingy (or cheap) clients who would be trying to get some in-depth knowledge for free only. Our intentions lie elsewhere and are very straight-forward: we want to put your mind at ease for a highly unlikely situation we would – after carefully investigating your issue and putting a lot of thought and effort into the project – realize there is nothing we could do to improve the process you approached us for. We believe this is not possible so strongly that we are willing to forfeit our fee if proven otherwise.

Losing time entering data in several programs over and over again? Think system integration!



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